Wild Flower

970604_10201534147491965_465646340_n (1)

I am an Industrial Designer
from Dunwoody, GA
who is a forever yellow jacket from Georgia Tech.

I seek to use my creativity to make the world smile
to better humanity and keep people around for awhile,
rather than being focused on pure aesthetics and style.
Despite the fact
that my racks and racks
of clothes and shoes
exceed the norm
I like to dress for success in order to perform
at my highest potential each day
But I’m weird
and I embrace it
Where did I sprout from?
Let’s retrace it
My dad is a Native American
and is an ex- Marine
He worked for the gov
and is the definition of a badass in everyway
My mom is black and is an ex-army ENT doc
her left brain balances me out
with her amazing logical thinking that she’s got on lock
And my younger sister is the definition of fierce
She’s aggressive and strong
and knows how to pierce
people with her words
and with swords
as she’s a black belt, of course.
And then there’s me
A ballerina since age 3
Jasmine Kaila which sufficiently means
Flower Princess in Hawaiian

the name through which my life
and my strife
Im a military brat
who grew up under strict rules and precision
Yet somehow
Me and my crazy mind
sprouted up between the cracks
I’m a wild flower that grew spontaneously
in the garden of my family

I love them
and need them
For they help me bring my far out ideas
to reality

I typically travel on the road less traveled
The one most colorful and weird
the one that makes people turn around
because they are shocked, uncomfortable, or in fear
Because I live to break stereotypes
and to break the rules of color

I am inspired by change
and by empowering those with no voice
Women and low income people are my needer-group of choice
because I grew up under a roof
where there was tangible proof
that skin color and social status
does not limit how far you can grow
and how you blossom.
I believe that everyone has a purpose
whether they realize it or not
But half of the world not having toilets
seems to be a statistic many don’t know or forgot

Through the my social start up Wish for WASH
I seek to one day
inspire the women
of Africa, in particular, to rise up and stand up
for it is a new day today
The lack of toilets and sanitation
alienates women especially during menstruation
and is the reason why they stop going to school when they reach puberty
Older women go to the bathroom at night
and risk getting raped and living in fright
TOILETS are my passion and what I seek to do
Its weird and uncouth
but aligns with my history in its very truth.
Design has the power to change the world
and hopefully at the end of my time here
It will be changed for the better
I hope to leave a trail of endless wild flowers
for all to see and to inspire them smile.


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