As many of you know, this is a hashtag that my sister and I created last year to keep us connected as we experienced travels around the world. Now, it is an all inclusive family hashtag to keep us all connected in our new journeys of life regardless of its across the globe or in our hometown. So this hashtag pretty much bonds all of us all the time together and its fantastic. The Burtons roll deep, especially to the airport.


11235799_10202919142420108_2999473495006719420_n 11159491_853932064698855_867596735570699263_n 11655187_10204518435257294_701840012_n

Teary goodbyes were had at Hartsfield as I set off on my Global Health Corps journey representing my first big act of “leaving the nest”. I love my family and we will always be connected by our bond which has been realized through our family hashtag; but now is the time that experience my own adventure as a real adult (whatever that means). Its time to follow my dreams with all of my luggage of course! #burtonblastoff


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