Day One


The first day is always fun because of all the swag. I seriously love this Global Health Corps moleskin and the beautifully organized binder. If you know me, you know that I


b) Collect name tags

c) Doodle on everything

Since I was able to do all of these things today, I was pretty stoked. Day one of the fellowship also comes with a slew of introductions where I shamelessly ask everyone, but most frequently the same people, their names and stories over and over again in a genuine effort to remember. But if you’ve ever been thrown into a group of incredibly talented and accomplished young people whom you’ve never met whose hearts are consumed by the fight for social justice, then you know stories and vulnerabilities often run freely, preconceived judgements are frequently set aside, and names are forgotten quickly. From my perspective, we are all so engaged in each other’s stories that names just go in one ear and out the other–although, I am making a reallly conscious effort to improve that.

Needless to say, today was exhausting but SO fabulous. Lots of extroverted energy, lots of humble world-changers, and lots of people driven by passion all of which made the physical exhaustion totally worth it. And I was incredibly grateful to find how vulnerable and real people got. With some of the most impressive bios I have ever seen (, you never really know what the culture of the group will be like.

             Will people be constantly trying to impress you with their resumes?

            Or will people try to one up each other in an effort to be seen as the most accomplished?

           Or will people be completely humble and honest humans that openly express their anxieties or fears or worries?

I was relieved to find that many people naturally leaned toward the latter when speaking about themselves. It was also great that Still Harbor, a chaplainship service intended to support GHC fellows mentally and spiritually, really drove home the fact that we are all people and despite how impressive the bios may be, we all feel similar types of emotions as we prepare for this life changing journey of a fellowship.

That honesty and raw-ness is so attractive to me because it connects people through their common human-ness creating real relationships in the purest forms.

So you could say that today was a great day. I am looking forward to learning more about Global Health Corps and my peers tomorrow!




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