Dispelling Awakwardness via a Jezebel Magazine Feature

I was super excited to receive a Facebook message earlier this summer from the Editor-In-Chief of the Jezebel Modern Luxury Magazine, Allison, saying that I was nominated to be featured as one of Atlanta’s 2015 Trailblazing 10 by one of my friends from high school. I was SO honored and excited about this experience that I scheduled my interview and photoshoot right away.

However, most people that know me know the following things: apparently I am a speaker that does decently well in interviews and I am perpetually awkward. With this said, the interview portion of this process was a breeze. Talking toilets is something I love and I have gotten to the point where I can translate it for others to understand why I care so much. On the other hand, I am absolutely, 100% NOT a model. Let alone a “sexy” model. I dont do sexy.  It is just out of the range of possibilities for me. As a photographer, I like being on the other side of the camera when it comes to things like this. It is just more natural. I love being in photos to document my life and experiences, but my adolescent attempts at sexy poses and smising just act as further proof that I can be cutesie/sassy/weird in posed photos-like reg smiling or face making or sorority squatting or hugging people or most famously, utilizing the skinny arm – and thats about it. 208674_1005799581670_2282_n

I know what you are thinking. Yes this is real life. 

Needless to say, I was petrified by the idea that I was supposed to be kinda sexy in a cocktail outfit in the beautiful W hotel. I brought like 20 different dresses to the shoot since I had no idea what they had in mind and that’s when I realized that I was the youngest person on this feature. Usually that makes me feel under-qualified or slightly nervous, but in this case, I was really just focusing on how I was going to get through this photoshoot.

11406927_10204416292503789_8544167927271789852_n 11390446_10204416294103829_5741868542313761709_n

And then it happened. The photographer and JEZEBEL staff were so cool, helping me to chill a little bit, but I was still nervous that I would look constipated or something in the final images. I was literally SO RELIEVED in the end to see the final product (saved by that skinny arm pose) 

FullSizeRender (2)

Maybe talking about toilets makes me take more natural looking photos. Nevertheless, the power of Photoshop mystifies me. In the end, I am SO HONORED that I was featured in such an incredible publication alongside some of Atlanta’s biggest movers and shakers. JEZEBEL helped me silence the little birdie on my shoulder that makes me say and do some of the most painfully awkward things and I am hoping that that can be translated to my daily life. (will report out soon)

Thanks so much everyone for all of the support on this feature! To see the link, the magazine feature can be viewed here!


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