Chipo the Cheetah

Second week of living in Zambia had finally come to a close. It was finally the weekend and our first LONG weekend in celebration of Farmers Day, a national Zambian holiday. In an effort to adventure outdoors beyond the confines of the Kepa Complex, Sara, Kalin and I ventured to the Chaminuku with some new friends.

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Chaminuku is a Luxury Lodge and Game Reserve right outside of Lusaka where we had an incredible time. After about an hour drive, we arrived at this beautiful lodge and indulged in a huge almost gourmet buffet style lunch. Meat, cheese plates, fresh veggies galore! It was literally like paradise.

11231153_10204745889023496_5676310505351657307_n 11836734_10204745891103548_8107886630213480550_n

After enjoying the beautiful scenery and food, we decided to take part of a daring African excursion by hanging out with some CHEETAHS. And damn, was it scary.

11811379_10204745896023671_7228831210666256101_n 11221342_10204745896743689_8971016625068106321_n

We got to meet Chipo, a beautiful adolescent Cheetah who was so majestically terrifying it was almost paralyzing.


The guides gave us a bit of an introduction and then we all had the chance to pet them and even walk them. And for the most part they were so nice! Just purring and licking everyone. It was so cute and playful!

11825778_10204745901303803_4094395054888305086_n 11836651_10204745907223951_7600552835419436344_n

But then it got closer to their dinnertime and Chipo got off the leash, and he full speed chased down a member of our exploration group who was walking on her own. Luckily for all of us, she didn’t run away and stood still. 5 feet in front of her, Chipo stopped in his chase. IT WAS SO SCARY! Overall, though, it was a day to remember! I loved my first time on a game reserve and cant wait to experience more of God’s beautiful creations by going on more game drives and trips during the rest of my time here!

11846727_10204745911224051_6644700288993165912_n 11822397_10204745914464132_6173255519959222779_n


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