Out on the Town  

This past weekend was an eventful one! My usual, casual Friday half day commenced, and afterwards, I went home and immediately to sleep. It was the last day Lute was house-sitting for her cousin and the last day that she would be driving us to work. Not having to worry about dealing with mini bus fee negotiations, sitting extremely close to strangers’ armpits, and praying that we wouldn’t drive towards incoming traffic everyday last week was glorious while it lasted!
After waking up from my cat nap, the roomies and I decided to watch some quality television AKA PITCH PERFECT and PITCH PERFECT 2, courteous of hard drives with massive amounts of space. Over the course of a few hours, people came in and out to watch with us and then, out of no where, Alexis made announcement.

“I have a surprise”. And in walked REENA + MWANSA!

We haven’t seen them since they left 3 weeks ago for Kitwe, which is about 6 hours away from Lusaka. We talk everyday and have been venting to one another about the inevitable adjustment struggles that we are all facing, but seeing them in PERSON was SUCH A SURPRISE!!

Reena stayed with Effie, Kalin and I which enabled long night chats about our lives here and what we envision for ourselves in the future. Saturday was full of events as well as we were celebrating  BRIANS 26th birthday, which was birthday number 4 for ZamFam.


We began the day by getting picked up by a one of last year’s ZamFam fellows, Robyn, and going to ZamBean-a coffee shop notoriously known for having the best coffee in all of Lusaka. AND IT WAS FABULOUS! I got an incredible iced coffee slushie and a bacon/egg breakfast combo (per usual) that I shared with Reena since she got French toast. MEAT! Nom Nom!
IMG_1928 IMG_1920

Of course, we all napped and Kalin put up her hammock following this breakfast feast.


Next on the agenda was going  to Chengdu, a local Chinese restaurant and casino for dinner! We were really worried about prices, but it turned out to be really affordable and delicious. And to celebrate Brian, we placed a candle in a dumpling!

IMG_1933 IMG_1938

Following dinner, we had a Zambian style kick back at our casa before heading out! After sorting out the cab/ride situation, we hit up CHICAGOS first. It was definitely a different scene than it was the first time I went there as it is a restaurant in the mall. Afterwards, we hit the Lounge for some dancing and mingling and then finally headed home to hit the hay. #wehitthatscene
IMG_1944 IMG_1942
Sunday, was sad because Reena and Mwansa left and Brian left for Botswana for a work training :(. But it was happy in the sense of productivity. Effie, Kalin and I thought the power was going to go out so we cooked a lot, worked out, showered, and prepared for the week all before 1pm. AND I COOKED THIS INCREDIBLE BAKED AVOCADO + EGG MEAL that Reena taught me! It turns out that the fear of loadshedding makes us really productive, even though power did not go out on Sunday. Lawlz.


WHAT an eventful weekend going  OUT ON THE TOWN with my ZamFam homies.


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