Kuti + Kafue

The past 2 weekends in Zambia have been adventures for sure! Last weekend, we began by hittin up the monthly Dutch market to get some beautiful prints and patterns. Of course this means that we had to flex our negotiating muscle, and luckily, Kenya and I were successful as we walked away with these beautiful Chitenge dresses for a really decent prices! I cannot wait to wear mine as wearing something that wasn’t a fortune is always particularly satisfying.

11949419_10204877145984838_6892394899824024222_n 11934947_10204875753510027_8292680396373436816_n

After taking quit naps in Kepa, we made moves to the BareFeet Music Festival, which was an incredible 2-weeks of African performances and arts all benefiting poverty initiatives sponsored by incredible organizations such as UNICEF and UNHCR. Last Saturday was the finale of the 2 weeks of festivities, and the festival went out with a bang with headliner FEMI KUTI.

11949506_10204877171185468_7896123312443925317_n 11220846_10204877169785433_270782195606357298_n

Being unfamiliar with this amazing artist before last weekend, I was completely blown away by this man’s talent paired with his passionate voice of advocacy for the continent of Africa. With lyrics like:

“Yesterday, Dem tell us sey
Sey today, na we go gain
So we struggle, suffer dey
For this new democratic change
But the truth of the matter be sey
Dem disguise another way
To continue their crooked ways
Oh Yes! Dem bobo!”

It makes you think. Advocacy entwined with incredibly sophisticated rhythmic beats.

Effie, one of my ZamRoomies, is Ghanaian and has grown up loving Kuti’s work so it was incredible to experience this performance with her with the rest of the Zamfam. What an amazing night!

11954801_10204877160545202_3331727456075578194_n 11949323_10204877172065490_7305136087235424584_n

Fastforward to this past weekend, my ZamRoomies and I went on a day trip excursion to the Kafue River which was about 45 minutes outside of Lusaka. Effie’s co-workers invited us and organized this excursion and we were so thankful to have been invited! Setting up a picnic, we enjoyed a beautiful and scenic view of the nature that Zambia boasts that we don’t usually get to see in the cityscape of Lusaka.

11952721_10204915501143693_5333543076701437557_o 11937046_10204917682558227_222442077763081915_o

The best part of the trip was getting a chance to explore via a speedboat in a hippo infested waters! It was such a beautiful adventure and a nice escape to a lush natural haven at the Cheetah Lodge at the Kafue River.


The last two weekends listening to Kuti and at Kafue were amazing!


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