Bae + HIA + Famlay

In addition to having some incredible realizations about commitment required to pursue communications and advocacy work, I also had a slew of amazing and restful experiences in the US. Jet-setting to Atlanta, DC, and NYC-it was nice to take some time to recharge. Here’s the break down of most of brief stint back in the US.


BAE: I got to be in DC for a few days and check out Daniel’s new life up there. I LOVE the GW campus and DC is just so walkable it was amazing. The weather was perfect and I caught the metro to his apartment while he was nerdin out in med school classes. It was really great seeing him. We are  both very professionally focused right now, so I really valued our time together just chillen and exploring the sites of DC!


HIA: New York has had my heart since I was 16. It was amazing to spend a few days back in the concrete jungle in the crisp fall weather. I spent some time in heated debates in intriguing conversations with the other Humanity in Action (HIA) Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellows as well as catching up with my old HIA friends at the annual conference!


FAMLAY: And of course, I just #burtonblastoffed back to the nest to hang with my family and it was great. Family photo shoots to fancy dinners to surprising Courtney for her 21st birthday; it was a great time and I am so glad that I got to see them.

IMG_7501  12140910_10205148345084646_4883067923403187177_o

Valuable time with BAE, at HIA, and with FAMLAY this October!


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