Maximum Diva



In the making for the past year and a half, the Maximum Diva Woman Condom is now ready to be introduced to the world! The Society for Family Health (SFH) has finally received the product in country with the brand established and has begun recruiting the Interpersonal communicators (IPC agents) to sell the message of women’s empowerment via this new reproductive health option. So, through this season of product preparation, it has been an exciting time to be a part of the social marketing and communications team at SFH. AND Lute and I got to participate in the first IPC training conducted by our IPC Manager, James Zimba, to our Maximum Diva Woman Condom brand ambassador, Cleo the Ice Queen!

Cleo is a well renowned artist in Zambia who gained even further notoriety after living in the “Big Brother Africa” house. Not only did we get to be amongst the first people in the office to rock the Maximum Diva Brand (aka neon green and pink polos), but we also had the chance to hang out with the Ice Queen herself and talk about sex in front of brightly colored and branded materials.

So what is the big deal with these condoms?

After extensive research and iterative development following the overwhelmingly negative feedback that SFH received after their first female condom distribution, the Maximum Diva Condom has been manufactured to have improved user experience. The improvements are evidenced by easier product insertion (which is a huge issue that exists in this market since male condoms are often easier to put on correctly) and lack of sound during sex due to the new material used in manufacturing (no more latex!).

As the only designer at SFH, I am excited to see first hand the utilization of human centered design and iterations as it relates to products in the social impact space. I am excited to follow the product’s acceptance and see if the claims of the new product prove to be true in the field since they are now being sold on the market!

CONGRATS TO SFH for a successful LAUNCH of the MAXIMUM DIVA FEMALE CONDOMS and to my maximum diva co-fellow for being the launch coordinator!


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